Ismail Media and Broadcasting Corporation Inc.

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Jadoo TV 3

Jadootv $199.99 All Canada Shipment free 


Jadoo TV Accessories

 Jadoo TV 3 Remote 
 Jadoo TV 3 Power Adapter    
 Jadoo TV 2 Remote 
 Wifi Stick for Jadoo TV 3




Bank Account

Deposit the money in any branch of the Royal Bank of Canada in the following account number,

  • Bank: Bmo Bank of Montreal
  • Account Number: 04300 001 1995 660
  • Account Name: Ismail Media & Broadcasting  Corporation


Feel Free to contact us through the following ways:


  • IITC Inc., 
  • Address: 20 Dundas Street East, Suite 3

Mississauga, ON

Canada, L5A 1W2